(We Got) Supercars

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(We Got) Supercars came about via a series of nonlethal mutations of genetic material cloned from a bass preset on a mid-80's home-model synthesizer. It cannot be accurately determined whether the groove evolved through simple recombinant improvisation or as a side effect of radiation Whitey brought back from the Moon. Mastered by Neil Weir at Old Blackberry Way. The photo for the cover art comes courtesy of NYC-based artist Leah Farrar. Thanks, Leah!


Play 23

We thought this song was a great summertime rooftop jam, or as its author Steve Koester put it, "a jumping off the rooftop jam." Steve co-fronted the incredible Mke/Mpls/NYC hard wave outfit Punchdrunk then released two glorious solo records as simply Koester. He currently leads the upstate New York-based "heavy mellow" Two Dark Birds. We're honored to present our version of "23," a song originally recorded for Koester's never-released third solo album Finders, Keepers, and which has only ever been released as part of a limited-edition collection of acoustic demos called (Here Come The) Gloomtown Rockers (200mg Records). Two Dark Birds second lp entitled Songs for the New is due out in September.


For our tenth(!) anniversary as a band we decided to do something a little different this year. We will be posting a two-song single for free download every month in 2011. The "A-sides" will be our songs and the "B-sides" will be covers. At the top of the page you'll find the most recent release, and along the right side you'll be able to grab releases from past months. Below will be semi-frequent updates from the dudes. Touch us at band@dallasorbiter.com.

June single somewhat slightly delayed/Turf Club show

Some technical difficulties set us back so we won’t be able to post the June single until sometime early in July.  We know you were all breathlessly waiting by your computers, so sorry for the delay.  July’s single is already completed, however, so we’ll be right back on track.   If you’d like a preview, come check us out at the Turf Club on Thursday, July 7th.

Request us on the Current!

MPR has added some of our new tunes to their awesome web interface. You can request songs like This Array (from our February release) as well as rate and find other tunes by us.

Show this Saturday, May 14th.

HK Underground presents I, Colossus, The Brutes, Dallas Orbiter
$5 Cover

City Pages

Holed up in our custom built cave

Studio #1 began to take shape during the winter of 2003 in a small south Minneapolis basement. The goal was to make it sound proof enough to stay on good terms with the neighbors. As for considerations for roommates, none were made.  The band sustained only minor injuries from mis-swung hammers and lumber-to-the-head encounters.

Studio #2 is tucked into a quiet NE neighborhood. Again, the aim was to be good neighbors but this time we had loftier goals. We were to convert a cold cement bunker of a 3-car garage into a studio/workshop/storage area. We also needed to keep my family in mind. My wife loves us but glasses vibrating to the floor from the bass was no longer acceptable.  We upped the ante with bigger power tools but the band again escaped serious injury (and an automatic name-sponsorship deal for the new room–we intended to name the studio after the medical term for the first emergency room-worthy mishap).  Things seem to have worked out again.

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